Independent label: Industrial Accident Records seems to have managed just the two records, both of them singles: 'Jane And John' by The Institution (SGS-112; 12/79) and Sonic Tonix's 'Don't Go Away' (SGS-114; 1980). The Sonic Tonix record is a plain white labels with the details rubber-stamped on them; the Institution ones was the same.  The SGS-100 numbering belongs to a series used by SGS Studios of South London.. Distributed By Industrial Accident Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Not Traced SGS SGS 101
78 Not Traced SGS SGS 102
78 Not Traced   SGS SGS 103
78 The Isrealites Mull Of Kintyre NONE SGS 104
78 The Damned Love Song DODGY DEMO CO SGS 105
79 Disco Zombies Drums Over London SOUTH CIRCULAR SGS 106
79 Neu Electric Lust Of Berlin SYNESTHESIA SGS 107
79 The Steppes The Beat Drill SOUTH CIRCULAR SGS 108
79 Disco Zombies Year Of The Sex Olympics DINING OUT SGS 109
80 The Lazy Four I Won't Shed A Tear SGS SGS 110
80 Future Bodies Terrorist FINAL ALTERNATIVE SGS 111
79 The Institution Jane And Jon INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT SGS 112
80 Six Minute War 33.3RPM 75p EP SIX MINUTE WAR SGS 113
80 Sonic Tonix Don't Go Away/Telepathy INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT SGS 114

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