Independent label: Indigo and Indigo Sound Studios Records was the house labels of Indigo Sound Studios, which were set up by former Granada TV sound engineer Dave Kent-Watson. The studio, which was in Manchester, seems to have specialized in custom recording, making records for unsigned Folk / Club / Cabaret artists such as Therapy and The Three Crows; I suspect that the Indigo Sound Studios label may have been reserved for these records.  It looks as though LPs and singles shared the same IDS-5000 catalogue numbers for the most part.  The studio also appears to have released a number of Pop singles on its own Indigo label) from 1972 to 1973, using a GOPOP-0 numbering series.  Indigo had at least one subsidiary, the short-lived 'Ice' label.  Records on either of the Indigo labels are not often met with, as a result of which the 'discography'  is even more gappy than usual.  For some reason most of the company's records have been pressed in the Republic of Ireland, by EMI, though Pye was responsible for the blue-labelled. Distributed By Indigo Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Peter Adamson Tudor Family Tree INDIGO GOPOP 1
72 Not Traced INDIGO GOPOP 2
72 The Improvisors Loch Ness Nessie INDIGO GOPOP 3
73 Not Traced INDIGO GOPOP 4
73 Pat Phoenix & Peter Adamson The Two Of Us INDIGO GOPOP 5
73 The Jeffersons I Will Never (Stop Loving You) INDIGO GOPOP 6
73 Salena Jones Live And Let Die INDIGO GOPOP 7
73 Not Traced INDIGO GOPOP 8
73 Not Traced INDIGO GOPOP 9
73 Not Traced INDIGO GOPOP 10
73 Syndicate Me Ball's Burst  INDIGO GOPOP 11
72 The Lewis Goodman Explosion Funny Lovin' Man INDIGO SOUND STUDIOS IRS  5053
73 Therapy One Night Stand (Album) INDIGO SOUND STUDIOS IRS  5124
73 Joyce Alldred Organ-ising (Album) INDIGO SOUND STUDIOS IRL 5164
73 Dave Blakeley Dave Blakeley (Album) INDIGO SOUND STUDIOS IRS  5181
74 Neill Kevin Harry Lime Theme INDIGO SOUND STUDIOS IDS 5422
74 Sharon People Inside Looking Out (Album) INDIGO SOUND STUDIOS IRS 5510
74 Cave of Living Streams Sixteen Songs (Album) INDIGO SOUND STUDIOS IDS 5567
74 Silhouette Silhouette (Album) INDIGO SOUND STUDIOS IDS 5647
74 Silhouette Silhouette (Album) INDIGO SOUND STUDIOS IDS 5647
78 Harry Ogden Boddington's Song INDIGO SOUND STUDIOS IDS 52785
78 Orphan Reasons For Seasons INDIGO SOUND STUDIOS IDS 52809
76 Patriarch Joseph Patrre Word INDIGO SOUND STUDIOS IDS 53000

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