Independent label: The label of the Independent Recording Studio, of Gravesend.  The studio was opened in 1964 by its manager and chief engineer John Oram, and it operated out of premises at 38 Harmer Street.  It appears to have been a custom recording firm, and it was still making records as late as 1978.  Its records seem to have been numbered in an IRS-0 series, which was shared by 7" records and LPs alike.  Numbers reached at least IRS-096, which suggests that there are a lot of Independent Recording Studio discs out there, but sadly they have proved extremely difficult to track down.  So far I've managed to spot only three, all of them from 1977-78.  IRS-91 was an album by Die Bayrische Oompah Kapelle, 'Ein Prosit', and IRS-096 was on the Warner label, IRS-89 was a single, 'Shelley's Winter Love' b/w Looks Familiar' by Just Lee.  As can be seen from the scan, there's no date on the label. Fortunately the LYN-4378 matrix number tells us that the single was made through Lyntone, and comparison with other Lyntone records enables us to pin the date down to 1977. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Just Lee Shelleys Winter Love INDEPENDENT RECORDING STUDIO IRS 89
77 Die Bayrische Oompah Kapelle Ein Prosit (Album) INDEPENDENT RECORDING STUDIO IRS 91
78 John St. Leger And Stevie Price  The John St. Leger Show / The John St. Leger Show INDEPENDENT RECORDING STUDIO IRS 96

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