Independent label: Incus Records. It managed one single EP: Eddie Prevost & Lou Gare's 'AMM At The Roundhouse' (INCUS EP-1; 1972?).  Incus started life in 1970, thanks to the inspiration of Tony Oxley, the finances of Michael Walters and the guidance of Derek Bailey and Evan Parker.  Under the management of Jazz guitarist Bailey, it carved out a niche for itself in what is a very specialised field, and it continues to issue records today.  The label, which was of a rather plain design, was light-middle-blue with white printing; it had the words Incus Records at the top, in an undecorated font. Distributed By Incus Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Eddie Prevost & Lou Gare AMM At The Roundhouse INCUS EP 1

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