Independent American label: Impulse Records was a Jazz subsidiary of ABC-Paramount, Impulse was set up by producer Creed Taylor in 1960; Taylor left Impulse fairly swiftly and became head of Verve Records before moving on again to form CTI Records in 1968. A prolific issuer of LPs in the States, Impulse seems to have come on the scene relatively recently in Britain, making its debut in the early 1970s through EMI, and, while it soon built up an impressive catalogue of album releases from such luminaries as Keith Jarrett, it appears to have ventured into the 7" market only once.  John Handy's, 'Hard Work' (IMP-7001; 1976) was issued after ABC had moved from EMI and had struck up a mutual marketing deal with Anchor Records; distribution at this time was by CBS.   The single proved popular enough to merit reissuing in 1982, on the ABC / Impulse label, through MCA. Distributed By EMI and CBS Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 John Handy Hard Work IMPULSE IMP 7001
82 John Handy Hard Work IMPULSE MCA 626

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