Independent label: Immediate Records. The real history of Andrew Loog Oldham's Immediate label lies firmly in the 1960s, because, in its original form, the company started out in the middle of that decade - 1965 - and bit the dust at the end of it. NEMS record company licensed it in the '70s and reissued many of its products, including items by hit-makers such as the Small Faces, Humble Pie and Chris Farlowe.   It is an easy matter to tell these reissues from the originals, because they have 'MARKETED BY NEMS RECORDS' printed prominently on both the label and the company sleeve.  They appeared from 1975 to 1977; CBS handled manufacture and distribution until May 1977, when RCA took over.  Catalogue numbers of the original '60s issues were in the IM-000s, and manufacture and distribution were initially by Philips.  The label design remained basically the same, but there were some changes: the artist name started out at nine o'clock and moved to six o'clock in May 1966.  EMI took over manufacture and distribution in April 1967; at that point the three-pronged centres became four-pronged or solid and the Philips name disappeared from the company sleeve.  November 1968 saw a change of colour from white or grey to pink. The '70s version of the label went with the classic white design, this time around numbering started off with IMS-101, in September 1975, and got as far as IMS-110.   The reissues were quite successful: three of them (Chris Farlowe's, 'Out Of Time', and two by the Small Faces) got into the Top 50.  NEMS made further attempts at reviving Immediate in the early '80s, with issues either being numbered in the IM-700s or the IM-200s or having their original IM(S)-000 numbers. The IM(S)-000s don't have 'NEMS' on the label.  Distribution in those years was by Stage One. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Farlowe Chris Out Of Time  [Re-Issue] IMMEDIATE IMS 101
75 Small Faces Itchycoo Park [Re-Issue] IMMEDIATE IMS 102
76 Amen Corner If Paradise Is Half As Nice [Re-Issue] IMMEDIATE IMS 103
76 Not Issued   IMMEDIATE IMS 104
76 Humble Pie Natural Born Woman [Re-Issue] IMMEDIATE IMS 105
76 Small Faces Lazy Sunday [Re-Issue] IMMEDIATE IMS 106
76 Crispian St Peters You We'Re On My Mind [Re-Issue] IMMEDIATE IMS 107
76 Not Issued IMMEDIATE IMS 108
77 Arnold P.P. First Cut Is The Deepest [Re-Issue] IMMEDIATE IMS 109
77 Small Faces Tin Soldier [Re-Issue] IMMEDIATE IMS 110
81 Small Faces Lazy Sunday IMMEDIATE IMS 701
81 Humble Pie Natural Born Woman IMMEDIATE IMS 702
75 Farlowe Chris Out Of Time  [Re-Issue] IMMEDIATE IMS 201

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