Independent label: Imagination Records was a short-lived recording and publishing company headed by Fred Parsons, a former director of B&C Records. head of operations was Stephen Bankler-Jukes, who had previously been with RCA and Atlantic among other companies, and it also had an American office, in California. The company had acquired a share in a London studio which was intended to act as a base for fifteen musicians working under a subsidiary company, 'Imaginative Musicians'. Imagination had signed a short-term pressing and distribution deal with Anchor Records.  'All You Got To Do' b/w 'When It Comes To Love' by ex-Starry Eyed And Laughing bass player and vocalist Iain Whitmore (MAGIC-1; 8/78).  Sadly, despite all the activity, that appears to have been Imagination's only release - its label refers to an 'Imagination One' LP, but that seems not to have seen the light of day.  Manufacture and distribution were by CBS, as they were for the other Anchor family labels at that time; some copies of the single, presumably promotional ones, had a small black 'A' under the spindle hole.  Iain Whitmore made a couple more singles in the early '80s with Stephen Bankler-Jukes as producer: 'Little Miss Understood' b/w 'It's A Crying Shame' (Peach River, PRIVY-500; 1980), and 'Would You Like To Leave' b/w 'You Left The Water Running' (RCA, RCA-63; 1981). Distributed By CBS Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Ian Whitmore  All You Got To Do IMAGINATION MAGIC 1

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