Independent label: Illegal Records. the first of several labels set up by Miles Copeland.  Illegal is probably best known for being the label which launched The Police, though at the time of their 'Fall Out' single (IL-001; 1977) the prospect of superstardom must have seemed a million miles away to them.  John Cale and Antipodean rock group Split Enz also recorded for the company.  Illegal records were distributed by Lightning initially, as were the other labels in Copeland's 'Faulty Products' group, Step Forward and Deptford Fun City; late in 1979 Pye took over that job.  The change of manufacturer saw a change of catalogue numbers, from IL-000 to ILS-0000, and a new label design. The numbers reached 0035 in 1983; the company was still going in 1988, in which year Gary Numan took it into both the Singles and Albums Charts. Distributed By Lightning Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Police Fall Out ILLEGAL IL 001
77 Electric Chairs Stuck On You ILLEGAL IL 002
77 Cale John Animal Justice ILLEGAL  IL 003
77 Menace Screwed Up ILLEGAL IL 004
77 County Wayne & Electric Chairs Thunder When She Walks ILLEGAL IL 005
77 Cale John Jack The Ripper ILLEGAL  IL 006
78 Spirit Nature'S Way ILLEGAL IL 007
78 Menace I Need Nothing ILLEGAL IL 008
78 Curious Johnny & Strangers In Tune ILLEGAL IL 009
78 Vermilion & Aces Angry Young Woman ILLEGAL IL 010
79 Lines White Night ILLEGAL ILS 011
79 Fowler Kim In My Garage ILLEGAL IL 012
79 Cramps Gravest Hits [ Ep ] ILLEGAL ILS 013
79 Root Boy Slim And The Sex Change Band W/ The Rootettes Dare To Be Fat (Edit.) ILLEGAL ILS 014
79 Vermilion & Aces I Like Motorcycles ILLEGAL ILS 015
79 Sirens & Mick Dorey Paranoia Station ILLEGAL ILS 016
80 Champs Fever ILLEGAL ILS 017
80 Skafish Disgracing The Family ILLEGAL ILS 0018
80 Split Enz I See Red ILLEGAL ILS 0019
80 Skafish Obsessions Of You ILLEGAL ILS 0020
80 Champs Drug Train ILLEGAL ILS 0021
80 Skafish Maybe One Time ILLEGAL ILS 0022
80 Martin Patrick D Computer Datin' ILLEGAL ILS 0023
80 Payolas Juke Box ILLEGAL ILS 0024
80 Renaissance Fairies Living At The ILLEGAL ILS 0025
80 James Brian Why Why Why ILLEGAL ILS 0026
80 Crimps Drug Train ILLEGAL ILS 0027
82 Lords Of New Church New Church ILLEGAL ILS 0028
82 Cosmetics Crack ILLEGAL ILS 0029
82 Lords Of New Church Open Your Eyes ILLEGAL ILS 0030
82 Wall Of Voodoo On Interstate 15 ILLEGAL ILS 0031
82 Alarm  Marching On ILLEGAL ILS 0032
82 Lords Of New Church Russian Roulette ILLEGAL ILS 0033
83 October Gene Suffering In The Land ILLEGAL ILS 0034
83 Crown Of Thorns Kingdom Come ILLEGAL ILS 0035
83 Wall Of Voodoo Mexican Radio ILLEGAL ILS 0036
77 The Wasps Teenage Treats ILLEGAL FOUR 001

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