Idle Road Records was a DIY Irish label. It managed one single an SRT custom pressing. A single featuring 'Ireland's 32' on one side and a selection of reels on the other seems to have been Idle Road's sole release.  The band responsible was Lissadell, a London-based quartet of Irish expatriates.  The catalogue number, SRTS/78/CUS-202, suggests that the recordings were made towards the end of 1978 through SRT, but the sleeve notes indicate that the record wasn't issued until May of the following year.  The sleeve also gives Idle Road's address as being in Tooreen, Co. Mayo, which indicates that the label was Irish rather than U.K. based, but the SRT connection persuaded me to make an exception and include it here. Distributed By Idle Road Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Lissadell Folk Music Of Ireland IDLE ROAD SRTS 78 CUS 202

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