Idle Hours Records was a DIY label owned by Country and Western band Idle Hours. The first EP shown has neither a catalogue number or a date shown on it, and it's not immediately obvious whether 'Just For You' is the name of the group or the EP - it's the EP.  It may be that the record originally came in a picture sleeve, which may have been more informative,  'Yesterday / Today', which is again undated and has no number on the label.  The second, however, featuring 'Wanted Man' and four other tracks, has a catalogue number on it - LS-1700 - and a date as well - 1973.  That number is part of a series used by Liverpool Sound label, and the two labels look similar.  Perhaps the band started their own label with the co-operation of the studio, and stopped using the studio's numbers at some point.  As for the manufacturer, there is a matrix number on the run-off of each side of the first EP: the 'A' side shows AS 12 A1, the 'B' side AS 2 B1, but that doesn't really get us anywhere.  At a guess 'AS' could stand for 'Amazon Studios', which was in the successor to Liverpool Sound, but that's just speculation. Distributed By Idle Hours Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Just For You Big River IDLE HOURS  AS 12
70s Yesterday / Today Yesterday Just Passed My Way Again IDLE HOURS  No Cat Number
73 Idle Hours  Wanted Man IDLE HOURS  LS 1700

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