Independent label: ICI Records Chemicals giant Imperial Chemical Industries several ventures into the world of records.  Mostly they devoted their attention to Classical music, licensing popular items from the Classical repertoire and issuing them in 7" form, but they were responsible for some original recordings, such as the Jackie Lee single shown, 'Sleep' (ICI-1; 1972).  An initial Classical series on a appeared in the '60s, with numbering in the GB-0s; the first EP was on a red label, which had changed to black by the time that the third one came out.  These were pressed by Decca and the material on them was taken from Decca recordings of the 1950s.  A second Classical series followed in the '70s, with a changed label design and IC-0 catalogue numbers. these were sourced from Music For Pleasure and were pressed by EMI.  The few examples of the second series that I have seen listed were reissues of EPs that had appeared on MFP's 'The Music Masters' label in September 1972, which seems to point to them coming out on ICI at least a year or so later.  In both cases the dates on the label refer to the year in which the pieces of music were released by the original companies.  The records, which generally had coloured picture sleeves, seem to have been intended to be used as promotional items; presumably they were given away rather than sold. ICI Records Former Address: Alderley Park Macclesfield  Cheshire. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Jackie Lee Sleep ICI ICI 1/2
72 Not Issued ICI IC  1
72 Kynaston Nicolas Royal Albert Hall Organ ICI IC  2
72 Daniel Chorzempa Moonlight Sonata / Pathétique Sonata ICI IC  3
73 Shura Cherkassky Ritual Fire Dance / Clair De Lune ICI IC  4

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