Independent label:  Ice Records was One of musician / producer Eddy Grant's labels (see also 'Torpedo').  Grant set up Coach House Studios in the mid '70s after recovering from a severe illness.  He began issuing records on the Ice label in June 1977, and in the Autumn of that year ran into a legal challenge from Anchor records over who had the rights to the 'Ice' name. Anchor had started legal procedings but had failed to carry them through; their Ice label was discontinued - see Ice (Anchor) - leaving the field clear for this one.  Initially singles used an ICE-0 numerical series and were distributed by RCA.  The numbering soon changed to a GUYANA-0 after a change of distributor. The 'ICE-0' singles appear to have been reissued with 'GUYANA-0' catalogue numbers.  Some of the records were reissued with the new prefixes but with their old numbers: thus The Mexicano's 'First Of May' can be found as ICE-4 and GUYANA-4.  Another change of prefix and distributor followed in short order; the new numbers were in the GUY-0s, and the records were handled by Pye - that company's name appeared on the label.  Again it seems that some of the old singles received new prefixes: Eddie Grant's 'Hello Africa', which was initially ICE-1, can be found with a 'GUY-1' sticker over the old number.  Just to add to the confusion, the single which logically ought have been GUY-8 came out as GUYANA-8, and can be found with '1977' and '1978' on the label.  Ice was to change distributors at least twice more before the end of the decade: GUY-18 and several subsequent singles have 'Distributed by Ice Records' at the bottom of the label; some of these were distributed by Lugton.  Then towards the end of 1979 Ice linked up with Virgin, and the Virgin logo appeared at the bottom of the label; along with the rest of Virgin's product, Ice was handled by CBS as it entered the '80s.   Happily, there was no change of numbering at these points.  Chart success for the label came in the late '70s and early '80s, when it licensed some of its product to Ensign Records.  Around that time Grant built another studio, in Barbados, and shifted Ice's centre of operations to that country.  It is still in business there today, mainly working in the field of Calypso music. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Grant Eddy Hello Africa ICE ICE 1
77 Grant Eddy Curfew ICE ICE 2
77 The Coachouse Rhythm Section Nobody's Got Time ICE ICE 3
77 Mexicano First Of May ICE ICE 4
78 Equals Red Dog ICE GUY 5
78 Mexicano Move Up Starsky ICE GUY 6
78 Lord Kitchener  Sugar Bum Bum  ICE GUY 7
78 Mexicano Lover'S Conversation ICE GUYANA 8
78 Grant Eddy Say I Love You ICE GUY 9
78 Not Traced ICE GUY 10
78 Morgan Tony Black Skinned Blue-Eyed Boy ICE GUY 11
78 Senyah You'Re The One ICE GUY 12
78 Ace Richard Julie ICE GUY 13
78 Pioneers My Good Friend James ICE GUY 14
78 Mexicano Annie'S Song ICE GUY 15
78 Mighty Sparrow  King Kong (12") ICE GUY 16 12
78 Calypso Rose  Come Leh We Jam (12") ICE GUY 17 12
79 Mexicano Treasure The Moment ICE GUY 18
79 Shaun  Freedom  ICE GUY 19
79 Latter Gene  Rock Your Boat  ICE GUY 20
79 Worms  London Bus  ICE GUY 21
79 Holder Mark Sometimes When We Touch ICE GUY 22
79 Jackie Robinson  Jamaican Child (12") ICE GUY 23 12
79 Grant Eddie Walking On Sun Shine ICE GUY 24
79 Pioneers Your Leaving Is Something Else ICE GUY 25
79 Diane Got To Give Away (12") ICE GUY 26 12
79 Grant Eddie Walking On Sunshine  ICE GUY 27
79 Not Traced ICE GUY 28
79 Not Traced ICE GUY 29
79 Not Traced ICE GUY 30
79 Mexicano Move Up Starsky ICE GUY 31
79 Grant Eddy Grandma ICE GUY 32
80 Atlantis People Stormy Weather ICE GUY 33
80 Javelins You'Re No Hustler ICE GUY 34
80 Mexicano Israelites Come Dance Some More ICE GUY 35
80 Robinson Jackie  Better Love Next Time ICE GUY 36
80 Grant Eddy My Turn To Love ICE GUY 37
80 Not Traced ICE GUY 38
80 Not Traced ICE GUY 39
80 Not Traced ICE GUY 40
80 Not Traced ICE GUY 41
80 Not Traced ICE GUY 42
80 Not Traced ICE GUY 43
80 Not Traced ICE GUY 44
80 Not Traced ICE GUY 45
80 The Antilles I've Got To Have You ICE ICE 46
80 Not Traced ICE GUY 47
80 Not Traced ICE GUY 48
80 Not Traced ICE GUY 49
81 Front Line Orchestra Don'T Turn Your Back On Me ICE ICE 50
81 Rudy Grant Woman ICE ICE 51
81 Grant Eddie Time To Let Go ICE ICE 52
82 Antilles Lets Shake ICE ICE 53
82 Rudy Grant Funny Girl ICE ICE 54
82 Rudy Grant Without You ICE ICE 55
82 Grant Eddie I Don'T Wanna Dance ICE ICE 56
83 Grant Eddie Electric Avenue ICE ICE 57
83 Grant Eddie War Party ICE ICE 58
83 Mighty Gabby Jack ICE ICE 59
83 Grant Eddie Till I Can'T Take Love No More ICE ICE 60
84 Grant Eddie Romancing The Stone ICE ICE 61
84 Grant Eddie Boys In The Street ICE ICE 62
85 Grant Eddie Baby Come Back ICE ICE 63
86 Grant Eddie Dance Party ICE ICE 64
77 Grant Eddy Hello Africa ICE GUYANA 1
78 Grant Eddy Jamaican Child ICE GUYANA 2
78 Coach House Rhythm Section Nobody'S Got Time ICE GUYANA 3
78 Mexicano First Of May ICE GUYANA 4

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