Independent label: I-Spy Records was started by Ian Page of Mod group Secret Affair, in 1979.  Secret Affair took the label into the Top 75 five times during 1979-81, but when the group disbanded, In 1982, I-Spy expired with it.  Both injection-moulded and paper labels were used; some singles can be found in both forms.  Manufacture and distribution were by Arista / Polygram, and catalogue numbers, which were in a SEE-0 series, reached SEE-11. Secret Affair are a mod revival band, formed in 1978 and disbanded in 1982. They reformed to perform and record in the 2000s. Formed by singer Ian Page and guitarist David Cairns. After spending January 1979 demoing songs, Page and Cairns enlisted the services of bassist Dennis Smith from the power pop band Advertising and Young Bucks drummer Seb Shelton. Saxophone player Dave Winthrop. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Secret Affair Time For Action I SPY SEE 1
79 Squire Walking Down The Kin'S Road I SPY SEE 2
79 Secret Affair Let Your Heart Dance I SPY SEE 3
79 Squire Face Of Youth Today I SPY SEE 4
80 Secret Affair My World I SPY SEE 5
80 Aitken Laurel Rudi Got Married I-SPY  SEE 6
80 Aitken Laurel Big Fat Man  I-SPY  SEE 7
80 Secret Affair Sound Of Confusion I SPY SEE 8
80 Floyd Eddie Beat Song I SPY SEE 9
81 Secret Affair Do You Know I SPY SEE 10
82 Secret Affair Lost In The Night I SPY SEE 11

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