Hypothetical Records was a DIY label. It managed just two records, both by avant-garde electronic duo The Prophets.  The first was a standard-sized single, 'Back To The Burner'.  It had a catalogue number of ???-1 (which is evidence of a sense of humour) and came out in 1979.  The second, 'Wallenberg' (ZUG-2), dates from 1982 and was a 12" single.  'Back To The Burner' proved popular enough to have been reissued on several occasions. The men behind the Prophets are reputed to have been Bernard Szjaner and Karel Beer. Distributed By
Hypothetical Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 The Prophets Back To The Burner HYPOTHETICAL ???  1
82 The Prophets Wallenberg (12") HYPOTHETICAL ZUG 2

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