Independent label: Hurricane Records seems to have been basically a New Wave concern, though FIRE-12 was a Reggae single, 'La La Means I Love You' by Linval Thompson. It was set up by Phil Preskey, who had previously managed the RAK label at EMI. The reverse of the company sleeve refers to the label as Hurricane (Damont) and gives the address as being that of pressing company Damont which was by that time part of the WEA group.  Hurricane released approximately fourteen singles during the years 1979-80, none of which charted.  As can be seen, the company sleeve was cleverly designed to complement the label.  Manufacture and distribution were initially by WEA, but after a few months Hurricane flew over to EMI; the label design remained unchanged except that the reference to WEA on the perimeter text at 9 o'clock was replaced by one to EMI at nine o'clock. Distributed By WEA and EMI Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Magnets Who'S The Fool HURRICANE FIRE 1
79 Sore Throat Kamikaze Kid HURRICANE FIRE 2
79 Edge Downhill HURRICANE FIRE 3
79 Paranoids Anticipation HURRICANE FIRE 4
79 Bitch Big City HURRICANE FIRE 5
79 Edge Watching You HURRICANE FIRE 6
79 Not Issued HURRICANE FIRE 7
79 Paranoids Stupid Guy HURRICANE FIRE 8
79 Flix Hitch HURRICANE FIRE 9
79 Sore Throat Seventh Heaven HURRICANE FIRE 10
80 Little Bo Bitch I Wanna Be Used For Love HURRICANE FIRE 11
80 Thompson Linval La La Means I Love You HURRICANE FIRE 12
80 Sore Throat Diggin' A Dream HURRICANE FIRE 13
80 Paranoids Love Job HURRICANE FIRE 14

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