Independent label: Humber Records appears to have served as a custom-recording studio and an independent production company.  It was founded by Les Johnson in the early 1970s, and it was - indeed it still is - based in Grimsby. During that decade its singles and albums seem to have shared the same 000 numbering, with singles being prefixed 'HRSP' and LPs 'HRLPS'.  EPs seem to have started off being numbered separately in the HREP-000s, though a 1981 EP by Rock 'n' Roll band The Riot Rockers was numbered HREP-051: Humber's products have been varied.  As well as the Riot Rockers record there were EPs by Punk band The What ('What Is The Cure', HREP-004; 12/1979), and by Early Music group the Toll Bar Consort (HREP-003; 1979).  The Pisces single, 'Up The Mariners', is a song in praise of Grimsby Town Football Club rather than a tale of sexual deviation at sea, and was pressed by Lyntone.  The company's two Various Artist 'Humber Beat' albums (HRLPS-024 and 028) are modestly collectable.  Custom-made records were presumably pressed in small quantities, but some of the independent productions from the 1980s served better: 'Makin' It' by Good News (HUM-52; 1984) and Stacey Rae's 'He Used To Bring Me Roses' (12/1987) - the theme from Prisoner Cell Block H - both seem to have shifted a good number of copies.  There were at least two different label designs. Distributed Dead Good and Small Wonder Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Not Traced HUMBER 45-HREP 001
79 Hickory Stick 11 Mins 07 Secs Of HUMBER 45-HREP 002
79 Waltham Toll Bar Consort Early Music HUMBER 45-HREP 003
79 What East Coast Kids EP HUMBER 45-HREP 004
78 Tommy Degnan Shaymen Of Halifax HUMBER HRSP 049
78 Pisces Up The Mariners HUMBER HRSP 050
81 Riot Rockers Brand New Cadillac HUMBER HREP 051
84 Good News Makin' It HUMBER HUM 52
86 Good News See The Mariners HUMBER HUM 53
87 Rea Stacey Prisoner Cell Block-H HUMBER CELL 1

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