HRC appears to have been associated with Warners, the holiday camp company - the crowned 'W' was that firm's logo - which suggests that the initials may have stood for 'Holiday Record Company' or something along those lines.  It was responsible for at least a couple of singles, which were numbered in an HRC-100 series and were presumably available in the camps.  First out of the blocks was 'Warners Holiday Song' b/w 'If Those Lips Could Only Speak' by Loopy (HRC-100); it was followed by 'My Prayer' b/w 'Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing' by Bobby Blair (HRC-101).  Both were pressed by small independent manufacturing firm C. H. Rumble.  There were no dates on the labels but C. H. Rumble used labels with the same style of perimeter legend from at least 1972-75: examples can be found on the Freeman, O'Sullivan, Southern Sound and Third World pages.  Admittedly the firm also pressed records in the 1960s, but the fact that the Bobby Blair the one shown is stereo suggests that it is more likely to be from the '70s.  In addition, 'My Prayer', which had been a hit for The Platters back in 1956, was taken back into the charts by Gerry Monroe in 1970, so a cover version by a Club / Cabaret singer a few years after that sounds not unlikely.  All in all, I'm quietly confident that HRC deserves a page on this site. Distributed By HRC Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Loopy Warners Holiday Song HRC HRC 100
73 Bobby Blair My Prayer b/w Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing  HRC HRC 101

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