Independent label: Housewives' Choice Records was formed by Steve Mackie. Managed at least two singles. It issued singles in an JY-0 numerical series. Distributed By Scotia Records. Matt Vinyl & The Decorators was a Short lived Scottish Punk combo who formed in Edinburgh in 1977. Sadly they only managed to record one track "Useless Tasks" that came out as a flexi which was released on the same label as the 'Cuban Heels' debut release. The Cuban Heels featured: John Malarkey - Vocals, Paul Armour - Bass, Laurie Cuffe  - Guitar and David Duncan - Drums. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Cuban Heels Downtown HOUSEWIFE'S CHOICE JY 1
78 Vinyl Matt /Decorators Useless Tasks (flexi) HOUSEWIFE'S CHOICE JY 2

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