Independent American label: Hot Wax Records was from Detroit, Michigan. Hot Wax was one of a pair of labels started by the legendary songwriting and production team of Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier and Eddie Holland in 1969, after they left Motown; the other being Invictus Records.  During the four years of its existence it had a number of hits in its homeland but none in Britain.  Cash-flow problems led to its closure in 1973. Distribution in Britain was by EMI.  The label came in two different colour schemes, an early black-on-white and a later silver-on-black.  The years on the labels seem to apply to the U.S. releases, the British ones coming out later.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Flaming Ember Westbound No 9 HOT WAX HWX 101
70 100 Proof Aged In Soul Somebody'S Been Sleeping HOT WAX HWX 102
70 Honey Cone While You'Re Looking For Sugar HOT WAX HWX 103
71 Flaming Ember I'M Not My Brothers Keeper HOT WAX HWX 104
71 Honey Cone Girl It Ain'T Easy HOT WAX HWX 105
71 Flaming Ember Shades Of Green HOT WAX HWX 106
71 Honey Cone Wat Ads HOT WAX HWX 107
71 100 Proof Aged In Soul Somebody'S Been Sleeping HOT WAX HWX 108
71 Honey Cone Take Me With You HOT WAX HWX 109
71 Silent Majority Frightened Girl HOT WAX HWX 110
71 Honey Cone One Monkey Don'T Stop No Show HOT WAX HWX 111
71 Honey Cone The Day I Found Myself HOT WAX HWX 112
71 100 Proof Aged In Soul Everything Good Is Bad HOT WAX HWX 113
72 Politicians Love Machine HOT WAX HWX 114
72 Lee Laura Rip Off HOT WAX HWX 115
72 Honey Cone Sittin' On A Time Bomb HOT WAX HWX 116
72 Flaming Ember Empty Crowded Room HOT WAX HWX 117
73 Lee Laura Wedlock Is A Padlock HOT WAX HWX 118
73 Lee Laura You'Ve Got The Love To Save Me HOT WAX HWX 119
73 100 Proof Aged In Soul Never My Love HOT WAX HWX 120

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