Independent label: Hot Stuff Records was a label dedicated mainly to the records of Rock 'n' Roll Revival band the Rockin' Devils, and owned by Mick Nash, the driving force behind that outfit.  Hot Stuff's products were available through a company called Aaran International, which operated out of St. Leonards-on-Sea, Sussex.  It issued seven LPs and at least three EPs between 1974 and 1979; the earliest 7" featured 'Apache' and three other tracks (HS-004; 1974).  The Devils broke up in 1979; presumably Hot Stuff disappeared when they did.  The label design remained the same throughout but came in two different colours, yellow and white. The gaps in the 'discography' below need explaining; it may be that albums (prefixed 'HSL') and EPs (prefixed 'HS') shared the same numerical series up to 004, with the series being split into HSL-000 and HS-000 afterwards.  HS-006 seems not to have been used.  Overprinted labels from HS-005 were used for HS-007 - a novel way of cutting down on costs. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 The Rockin' Devils Bring Back Rock´n Roll (Album) HOT STUFF HS 001
75 The Rockin' Devils That Old Rock Music's Here To Stay (Album) HOT STUFF HS 002
76 The Rockin' Devils Why Baby HOT STUFF HS 003
74 The Rockin' Devils Apache HOT STUFF HS 004
78 Sunstroke All The Time HOT STUFF HS 005
78 Not Issued  HOT STUFF HS 006
79 The Rockin' Devils I Got Them Blues HOT STUFF HS 007
94 Nick Satan & The Rockin' Devils* The-BBC-Session - Authentic Rock 'N' Roll EDWARDIAN MUSIC EM HS 008

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