Independent label: Hot Lead Records was Based in Dewsbury, Hot Lead was essentially a Reggae label at first, though it issued some non-Reggae singles.  It was launched by Ian R. Smith in 1970, and most of its records seem to have been produced by him.  Singles were numbered in the HL-0s; there were at least twenty-one of them, the majority of which appeared during the period 1970 to1974, though more trickled out at odd intervals for a while afterwards - HL-20 dates from 1976, and then there was an eleven-year gap before HL-21 came out.  By that time the company's records were being distributed by RCA.  After the Hot Lead label was shelved the company continued to operate as independent music producers, and they're still going in that capacity today.  Seventies labels were red with black printing the Eighties label was white. Distributed By RCA  Records. Hot Lead Records Former address: 10, Victoria Rd., Dewsbury, Yorkshire. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 The Inner Mind Pum Pum Girl HOT LEAD  HL 1
72 Mr T Bones And The Mate  Ruby HOT LEAD  HL 2
72 Alton (Audley) And The Groovers  Warm And Tender Love  HOT LEAD  HL 3
73 Inner Mind  Runaway  HOT LEAD  HL 4
73 Inner Mind  Sing My Song  HOT LEAD  HL 5
73 Gray Owen  Hurricane  HOT LEAD  HL 6
73 Tender Touch  Scarlet Ribbons  HOT LEAD  HL 7
73 Groovers  Since You'Re Gone  HOT LEAD  HL 8
73 Dalton Brothers  Farewell Don'T Cry  HOT LEAD  HL 9
73 Smith Ian & The Inner Mind  Beresford Crout  HOT LEAD  HL 10
73 Flame  You'Ll Be Better Off (Without Him) HOT LEAD  HL 11
73 Smithy  Doggie Bite Postman  HOT LEAD  HL 12
73 Not Issued HOT LEAD  HL 13
73 Wild Bunch  Musical Feast  HOT LEAD  HL 14
73 Fireboy  Hold That Music  HOT LEAD  HL 15
73 Inner Mind  Lion From Zion  HOT LEAD  HL 16
74 Superbad  Julie  HOT LEAD  HL 17
74 Lorenzo And Eva-Maria  Never Be Anyone Else But You  HOT LEAD  HL 18
74 Laurenzo  Quando Quando  HOT LEAD  HL 19
76 Tender Touch  Funky Down Broadway  HOT LEAD  HL 20
87 Brunette  Running Bear  HOT LEAD  HL 21

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