Independent label: Horizon Records was a Record studio and music publishing concern in Warwick Road Coventry. Horizon issued at least two singles in the (very) late '70s on its own label: Carey Duncan's, 'Music Maker' (HRSL-282; 9/79) and 'Year Of The Child' by Polly Bolton (HRSL-315; 1979).  Distribution of the first was by Pinnacle and pressing was by Lyntone, the matrix number being LYN-7025.  The second has both Lyntone (LYN-7594) and Ellie Jay (EJSP-9315) numbers on its run-off.  Other records with HRSL-00 numbers had appeared on the Peeping Tom label, earlier in the decade; more appeared in 1984, on the Iguana label. That numerical series was HRSL 000. It may well be that most of the records were private pressings, which would account for their lack of traceability. Distributed By Pinnacle Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Strange Days Saltash PEEPING TOM HRSL 59
78 Andy Bailey Birth Of A Baby (Album) HORIZON HRSL 123
78 Heage Band Heage Band (Album) PEEPING TOM HRSL 138
78 Wilnecote High School Choirs Songs Of The Century HORIZON HRSL 166
79 Carey Duncan Music Maker HORIZON HRSL 282
79 Asylum Commercial Queen PEEPING TOM HRSL 291
79 Polly Bolton And Cathedral Choir Year Of The Child HORIZON HRSL 315

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