Independent Reggae label: Honey Records was owned by Honey Boy Martin, in association with Larry Lawrence of Ethnic Records, and seems to have been intended solely as a vehicle for records by him, as indeed was the 'Honey Boy' label.  The ETH-105 catalogue number on the example shown indicates a link with Ethnic Records, which had an ETH-100 numbering series (among others) for its singles.  The only other single on Honey was Honey Boy's 'Just Want To Be Loved' (HO-001; 1973) was numbered in a discrete HO-000 series. Distributed By Honey Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Junior English Daddy Is Home ETHNIC ETH 1001
73 Winston Wright Lucifer ETHNIC ETH 1002
73 Selectors Rock Back ETHNIC ETH 1003
73 Barker Dave I'M Stoned In Love With You ETHNIC ETH 104
73 Honey Boy Sweet Cherree HONEY ETH 105
73 Honey Boy Just Want To Be Loved HONEY HO 001

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