Independent label: Honey Records. The second Honey label to surface in the 1970s.  This particular Honey would seem to have issued at least eight singles, if the catalogue number of 'I'm Going Back' by Johnny St. Peters - HNY-008 - is anything to go by.  The appearance of the label itself - plain, with the name of the company at the top - is typical of a custom recording or a small independent, the number of copies pressed must have been very small.  The Johnny St. Peters single, which couples an Irish expatriate song with an enthusiastic version of a Rock' n' Roll song called 'The Hucklebuck Is Back', came out in 1978; it is possible that the company - if a company it was - may have started issuing records in 1977, but until some other examples come to light Honey remains something of a mystery.  A third Honey label, which was coloured orange-and-white, used COMB-0 catalogue numbers and put records out from 1969 into the early '70s, was from the Irish Republic, Distributed By Honey Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Not Traced HONEY HNY 001
77 Not Traced HONEY HNY 002
77 Not Traced HONEY HNY 003
77 Not Traced HONEY HNY 004
77 Not Traced HONEY HNY 005
77 Not Traced HONEY HNY 006
77 Billy Joe Ward Tribute To A King HONEY HNY 007
78 Johnny St. Peters I'M Going Back HONEY HNY 008

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