Hologramme Music Records was a DIY label. A Manchester-based label.  Hologramme Music appears to have been dedicated to the music of New Wave / Post Punk band The Hoax. Its only release of the 1970s was their ''Only The Blind Can See In The Dark' EP (HOAX-1; 1979).  Catalogue numbers went up to HOAX-6, which came out in 1981, it looks as though not all the numbers may have been used.. Distributed By Cargo Records. The Hoax were formed in Manchester in 1979. The first line up was Ian Chambers on vocals. Andy Farley (Fox) guitar and backing vocals, Steve Mardy (Sox) bass and backing vocals, and Mike Joyce on drums. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Hoax Only The Blind Can See In The Dark [ Ep ] HOLOGRAM HOAX 1
80 Not Issued HOLOGRAM HOAX 2
80 Hoax So What ‎(Album) HOLOGRAM HOAX 3
80 Hoax Quiet This Town ‎(12") HOLOGRAM HOAX 4
80 Not Issued HOLOGRAM HOAX 5
81 Hoax Blind Panic HOLOGRAM HOAX 6

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