Holmes & Marchant Promotions Records was a DIY label. Of  british brand design consultancy, founded in 1967. The 'A' side is a story read by Brian Cant, of children's TV fame, while the 'B' is a collection of four sea-shanties with new words, words which make them fit the story. Neither the singer nor the small group of singing children is credited. I presume this was given away in exchange for tokens from Birds Eye Fish Finger boxes, or the like. The gatefold sleeve contains a twelve-page story / colouring book, Pressing was by Pye. It issued singles in an HMP-000 numerical series. Distributed By Holmes & Marchant Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Brian Cant The Adventures Of Cap'n Birds Eye HOLMES & MARCHANT PROMOTIONS HMP 001

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