Independent label: Hobo Records appears to have operated from 1979 until at least 1984, issuing approximately five albums and twenty-five singles during that period without bothering the Charts.  Its first single was by hitmakers Typically Tropical, but 'My Rubber Ball' (HOS-1; 5/79) failed to match the success of their No.1, 'Barbados'. The rest of Hobo's output included New Wave singles by the Bumpers ('Georgie Taught Us'; HOS-009) and the Producers ('Radio'; HOS-003), both of which are sought-after nowadays by enthusiasts for that kind of music.  Hobo seems to have been the record arm of publishing company Mr. Sam Music; it was owned and run by Monty Babson, of Morgan Studios, so it seems reasonable to assume that Hobo releases were recorded there.  Distribution was by Pinnacle initially, and by PRT from 1981.  The label was usually black-and-white, as shown by the example from 1981, but Billy J. Kramer's 'Blue Christmas' (HOS-010; 11/79) had a blue-and-white one, appropriately enough. The company sleeve dates from 1979. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Typically Tropical My Robber Ball HOBO HOS 001
79 Leiah Ikafa Disco 2000 HOBO HOS 002
79 Producers Radio-Active HOBO HOS 003
79 Jerry Allen Thyme HOBO HOS 004
79 Cherubims Mother HOBO HOS 005
79 Not Traced HOBO HOS 006
79 Thompson Eddie Put On A Happy Face HOBO HOS 007
79 Magician House Of Purple HOBO HOS 008
79 Bumpers  Georgie Taught Us  HOBO HOS 009
79 Billy J. Kramer Blue Christmas HOBO HOS 010
80 Money Money EP HOBO HOS 011
81 Eric Bell Band Lonely Man HOBO HOS 012
81 Karol Kristian Love City HOBO HOS 013
81 Nellies Knees Up (Parts 1 And 2) HOBO HOS 014
81 Monty Babson Conga / Cha Ka Cha HOBO HOS 015
81 Eric Bell Band Lonely Man HOBO HOS 016
81 Not Traced HOBO HOS 017
81 Alan Talbot J C The Naz HOBO HOS 018
82 John Thomas Band Looking For Number One HOBO HOS 019
82 Not Traced HOBO HOS 020
82 Not Traced HOBO HOS 021
82 Monty Babson & His Orchestra Did You Ever See A Dream Walking HOBO HOS 022
83 Not Traced HOBO HOS 023
83 Not Traced HOBO HOS 024
84 Swing Collection 42Nd Street HOBO HOS 025
85 Hawks Tony Together HOBO HOS 026
85 Cunningham Earl Soca Part 1 HOBO HOS 027
86 Cunningham Joan Hello Again HOBO HOS 028

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