Independent Irish label: Hit Records with the majority of the twenty-odd singles that it made were issued only in the Republic of Ireland, but a few seem to have come out - and perhaps to have been pressed - in Britain.  Billboard magazine of the 29th of May 1971 says that Roly Daniels's 'Sunny Tennessee' (HIT-7) was to receive massive promotion from Shannon Records and from publishers April Music in an attempt to break the singer in Britain. And has a Release Records matrix / catalogue number, RL-577; it appears to have been issued in Ireland on Release with that number. The British 'New Singles' leaflet lists HIT-14, HIT-15 and HIT-16, while trade magazine Music Week lists HIT-18.  In addition, some of the singles, have a different typeface to the usual one; they also have the artist's name facing away from the spindle hole rather than towards it, as most of the singles do, and a more British appearance.  Finally, it seems unlikely that a spin-off record from the British sitcom 'Father Dear Father' (By Patrick Cargill, on HIT-16; the theme, by Gordon Franks, is on the reverse) would be issued in Ireland but not in Britain. Distributed By Hit Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Kenny Tony & Sands Knock Three Times HIT HIT 1
71 The Castaways Wild Weekend HIT HIT 2
71 Patsy Powell & The Honky Tonk Playboys  I'Ve Got To Talk To Mary HIT HIT 3
71 Larry Cunningham  I Was Coming Home To You  HIT HIT 4
71 Not Traced HIT HIT 5
71 Not Traced HIT HIT 6
71 Roly Daniels  Sing Me Back Home  HIT HIT 7
71 Bruce Natalie HIT HIT 8
71 The Philosophers  Put Your Hand In The Hand  HIT HIT 9
71 Derrick With The Sounds  My Guitar  HIT HIT 10
71 The Cruisers  Always Goodbye  HIT HIT 11
71 Murty Quinn & The Sands  Julietta  HIT HIT 12
71 Tony & Graduates The Statue HIT HIT 13
71 Pat Mcgeegan  Help Me Make It Through The Night  HIT HIT 14
72 Kelly Sally Believe In The Rain HIT HIT 15
71 Cargill Patrick Father Dear Father HIT HIT 16
71 Billy Brown  One More River To Cross  HIT HIT 17
71 Pat Mcgeegan & The Real Thing  Easy Lovin'  HIT HIT 18
72 The Falcons Feat. John Burly  Wake Up  HIT HIT 19
74 James Connolly Folk  Lough Ree  HIT HIT 20
74 Lee Lynch  I'M Still Loving You  HIT HIT 21
74 Mary O'Connor The Hurtin' Game HIT HIT 22
74 Colette  Forty Miles From Donegal  HIT HIT 23

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