Hit Records was a DIY label. And was owned and run by Punk band The Cannibals.  During the ten years of its existence, 1978-87, it released approximately eight singles by them.  Numbering was generally in an F-UK-0 series; F-UK-1 appeared on Big Cock Records. The Cannibals are a British rock band formed in 1976 by Mike Spenser, formerly of The Count Bishops. Distributed By Hit Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Spenser Mike & The Cannibals Good Guys BIG COCK F-UK 1
78 Cannibals Nadine HIT F-UK 2
80 Cannibals Pick 'N' Choose HIT F-UK 3
82 Cannibals Lead Astray HIT F-UK 4
84 Cannibals The Submarine Song HIT F-UK 5
82 Cannibals  Trash Flash!  HIT FREEBEE 1
86 Cannibals  Christmas Rock 'N' Roll  HIT FREEBEE 2
89 Cannibals & Stoned Aid Are You Going To Stonehenge / Magical Carpet Ride  HIT STONE 1
90 Cannibals  Axe The Tax  HIT POLL TAX 1

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