Independent label: Hit And Run Records was a label dedicated to reissuing rare Soul records. Hit And Run was owned by Garry J. Cape, and was distributed by Black Grape, of Wakefield. The company licensed and issued just three singles: Eddie Giles's, 'Married Lady' (5001), 'Never Too Busy', by Mighty Sam (5002), and 'Keep On Trying', by George Perkins (5003).  All of them came out in March 1979; the '1973' on the label of 5001 record refers to the date of the single's first appearance, in the USA.  Pressing was by Lyntone. Cope, who was a prominent dealer in Soul records, made another venture into the licensing and issuing field later that same year, with the Special Agent label. And he continues to carry on that sort of business today, operating online through Soulscape Records.  He revived the Hit And Run label in January 2009. Distributed By Black Grape Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Eddie Giles Married Lady HIT AND RUN 5001
79 Mighty Sam Mr And Mrs Untrue HIT AND RUN 5002
79 George Perkins Keep On Trying HIT AND RUN 5003

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