Independent label: Hillside Records was a custom-recording concern from Levington Road, Ipswich, Suffolk. The Hillside studio and label were run by Richard and David Allison.  The company issued both 7" and 12" records.  The EPs had catalogue numbers in the HIL EP-4000s. Singles were numbered in a 'HIL SP-5000' series.  The fare on offer appears to have been the usual Club / Cabaret / Country stuff, though full marks for inventive names must be given to the Pea Green Symphonic Pullover Set, whose EP (HIL EP-4012) was issued in 1979.  The Pea Greens also made a self-financed album, with SRT Records.  Another Hillside band with an adventurous name were the Plimsoll Sandwich, who made an album called 'For Night Starvation'.  Whether the contents of the grooves were as interesting as the names remains a matter for conjecture.  As is always the case with private-pressing firms, Hillside's dates of operation are reported to have been in business in 1975 and that they were still going in 1981. Distributed By Hillside Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Knoxville County Legend Of Jim West HILLSIDE HIL SP 5001
74 Sheridan Band I Don't Know How To Love Him HILLSIDE HIL SP 5002
74 Not Issued HILLSIDE HIL SP 5003
78 Silver Machine You'Ll Always Be The One HILLSIDE HIL SP 5004
78 Black Ivory Seven Free From Babylon HILLSIDE HIL SP 5005
75 Spectrum Follow The Music HILLSIDE HIL EP 4001
76 Countryfied She's No Angel HILLSIDE HIL EP 4002
77 Gary Ambrose Sunday Father HILLSIDE HIL EP 4003
77 The Singers & Instrumentalists Of Chantry High School Christmas Chantry Style  HILLSIDE HIL EP 4004
77 Two Times Two Theme For Young Lovers / Atlantis HILLSIDE HIL EP 4005
77 Norman Chapman But You Love Me Daddy HILLSIDE HIL EP 4006
77 Johnny Golde Johnny Golde  HILLSIDE HIL EP 4007
78 Randolph Sutton Jnr. Randolph Sutton Jnr. Sings  HILLSIDE HIL EP 4008
78 Eve Bridger The World Of Eve Bridger HILLSIDE HIL EP 4009
78 Frankie Dunn And The Checkers In Aid Of The Norfolk Kidney Home-Machine Fund HILLSIDE HIL EP 4010
79 Roger Cooke Four Featuring Anne Slater Variations HILLSIDE HIL EP 4011
79 Pea Green Philharmonic Pullover Set Pea Green Philharmonic Pullover Set, The HILLSIDE HIL EP 4012
79 Bryan And Charlie My Life HILLSIDE HIL EP 4013
79 Eddie Lee And Country Friends Blackboard Of My Heart HILLSIDE HIL EP 4014
79 Clique By Request (Ep) HILLSIDE HIL EP 4015
79 San Diego San Diego (Ep) HILLSIDE HIL EP 4016
80 Chaperral Peaceful E-Z Feeling HILLSIDE HIL EP 4017
80 Not Issued HILLSIDE HIL EP 4018
81 Shindig Shindig Mini-Album Six Tracks HILLSIDE HIL EP 4019
81 Bob Bennett Sound From Us To You (Ep) HILLSIDE HIL EP 4020

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