Independent Reggae label: Hillcrest Records was a sub-label of R & B Discs Ltd. And owned by Rita and Benny King.  Hillcrest operated in 1971-72, and issued at least seven singles. Catalogue numbers were in the HCT-0s. Distributed By Hillcrest Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Adams Glen  Lion Sleeps HILLCREST HCT 1
71 Cannon King Reggay Got Soul HILLCREST HCT 2
71 Smithy All Stars  Witchfinder General HILLCREST HCT 3
72 Maytals  Hey Rasta Man  HILLCREST HCT 4
72 King Dave All Stars No Sin HILLCREST HCT 5
72 Denny & Wilton  Hey Hey Girl HILLCREST HCT 6
72 Andy Horace  Night Own  HILLCREST HCT 7

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