Highland Arts Records was a DIY label. It managed three single. The Gary Gordon Quartet's 'Islands Of Beauty' EP (HT/EPS-1560; 1978) was recorded by Hollick and Taylor, a division of Grosvenor Sudios of Birmingham; it has their name and their logo on the label, and has one of their catalogue numbers. The label, however, also features the Highland Arts logo, and says that the EP was released by the Highland Arts studio, so I have decided to give treat it independently.  'Islands of Beauty' - a pleasant waltz, if perhaps not 'unforgettable', as the sleeve claims - was written by artist C. John Taylor, and, as Hollick & Taylor specialised in custom recordings, it would appear to have been his own project.  As the sleeve indicates, Highland Arts was based in Oban, Scotland. Highland Arts Former Address: Easdale, Ellenabeich, Isle of Seil, Argyll, PA34 4RQ Scotland.Distributed By Highland Arts Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Gary Gordon Quartet Islands Of Beauty HIGHLAND ARTS HT/EPS 1560
83 C. John Taylor The Song Of Argyll  HIGHLAND ARTS HT/EP 1671
84 C. John Taylor The Loch Lomond Song HIGHLAND ARTS HT/EP 1682

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