High House Records was a A small independent label from Belbroughton, near Kidderminster.  High House's sole release was what its producer David Shute described as a 'self-financing publicity vehicle' for Warwick Castle.  It features a narration by him, and musical contributions from Jon Raven, Mike Raven and Terry Molloy.  There's no date on the EP but David kindly confirmed that it was from the '70s; the sleeve notes mention two shows, 'The Nailmakers' and 'The Canal Boys', which appear to date from 1973-74, and the '74' of the EP's catalogue number, ST-174, may possibly refer to the year in which the record was released.  In addition to the tracks shown the EP offered 'John Smythe', 'Ghost Tower', 'Instrumental', 'The Great Hall', 'Lord Brooke', and 'Conclusion'. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Jon Raven, Terry Molloy, Mike Raven Warwick Castle HIGH HOUSE ST  174

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