Hex Records was a small independent / DIY label, from Norfolk.  Hex appears to have issued just two records, both of them singles by Norwich outfit the Frequency Band.  First out of the blocks was 'Back On The Road' b/w 'Shadow Of The Past' (HFB-1 / BECK-653); it was followed by 'Lovelight' b/w 'Morning' (HFB-2; 1980), which was recorded in order to provide funds for the mentally handicapped children of Norwich and Norfolk.  There's no date on the first single but its matrix number, BECK-653, shows that it was made through custom recording firm Beck Studios of Worthing, and a comparison with other BECK numbers suggests 1978 as the most likely year of release: BECK-611 was from 1977, BECKs 657 and 694 from 1978.  'Back On The Road' is quite accomplished Prog Rock, 'Back On The Road' not quite so Prog.  By the time of the second single the label name had shrunk and had gained a logo resembling the tonearm of a stylish gramophone, while the label colour had changed to black. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Frequency Band Back On The Road HEX HFB 1
80 Frequency Band Morning HEX HFB 2

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