HERMANN ENT. - 'Enterprises'? 'Entertainment'? - seems to have been a DIY label, and a maxi-single by a band called Har Har Hermann appears to have been its sole release.  Tracks on the EP were 'Kevin's Gonna Hang', 'Baked Bean Tin' and 'DJCR'; it had a catalogue number of HERMANN-001, and was pressed by French company MPO - MPO provided manufacturing for a lot of small independents in the late '70s and early '80s.  There's no date on either the labels or the sleeve. The back of the sleeve gives a contract address in Kelross Road, London W2.  As for the music, there are two Countryish tracks and a rude Rock 'n' Roll one.

77 Har Har Hermann Kevin's Gonna Hang HERMANN ENT HERMANN 001

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