Independent label: Heartbeat Records was from Bristol Set up in 1978, formed during the Punk / New Wave era.  Heartbeat started off as a partnership between record-shop owner Tony Dodd and manager Simon Edwards, but after its first release Dodd chose to concentrate on his shop and left the label in Edwards's hands.  It did well, surviving until 1984 and broadening its scope to record talent from outside the Bristol area.  Distribution was by Cherry Red initially.  After a period of inactivity between 1984 - 1996, while other projects were persued, the label was reactivated on an international footing with the release of an album by American 60's psych legends The Electric Prunes. Heartbeat was revived by Edwards in 1996. Distributed By Cherry Red and Cartel Records. Heartbeat Records Former Address: 14 Lansdown Place Clifton Bristol. And 407 Fishponds Road Bristol BS5 6RJ. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Social Security I Don'T Want My Heart To Rule My Head HEARTBEAT PULSE 1
79 Europeans Europeans HEARTBEAT PULSE 2
79 Glaxo Babies This Is Your Life (12") HEARTBEAT 12 PULSE 3
79 Four Alternatives Ep 48 Hours Back To Irland HEARTBEAT PULSE 4
79 Glaxo Babies Christine Keeler HEARTBEAT PULSE 5
79 Private Dicks She Said So HEARTBEAT PULSE 6
80 Apartment The Car HEARTBEAT PULSE 7
80 Glaxo Babies Shake The Foundations HEARTBEAT PULSE 8
80 Letters Nobody Loves Me HEARTBEAT PULSE 9
80 Art Objects Showing Off To Impress The Girls HEARTBEAT PULSE 10
81 Final Eclipse Birdsong HEARTBEAT PULSE 11
81 Skodas Everybody Thinks Everybody Else Is Dead HEARTBEAT PULSE 12
80 Stormtrooper Pride Before A Fall HEARTBEAT BEAT 1
83 Affairs Of The Heart Waterloo Sunset   HEARTBEAT PULSE 100

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