Haymarket Records was responsible for at least one record, a single by Patsy MacLean with 'Hurry Up Sunrise' on the 'A' side and her version of 'Too Young' on the 'B'.  Its catalogue number was HM-100.  There's no date on the labels: MacLean recorded for Columbia in 1968 ('Marry The Boy' b/w 'When I Learn To Love You'; DB-8455, as Patsy McLean), and for Polydor the following year ('When You Love Me' b/w 'You've Taken Over'; 56349), but the fact that her Haymarket single is stereo leads me to believe that it's very likely to be later than that - there weren't many stereo singles around in the late '60s on the big labels, let alone the small independents.  She appeared on BBC TV's 'The Good Old Days' programme in August 1972, so it's possible that 'Hurry Up Sunrise' was released in an attempt to make the most of the exposure.  The song was written by Mike Sammes, and the Mike Sammes Singers provided the backing vocals, which suggests that Sammes may perhaps have had a hand in the single's release.  The run-off markings show that manufacture was by Pye and that the mastering was done by Gordon Vicary; he moved from Pye to Utopia in 1978, which a least gives us a 'not after' date.  That said, the appearance of the labels suggests the first third of the decade rather than the middle.  Sadly the example shown has had its centre cut out at some point, but it'll do till an intact one comes along - there don't seem to be many of them around.  As for the songs, they are MOR female-vocal Pop.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Patsy MacLean Hurry Up Sunrise HAYMARKET HM 100

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