Independent Reggae label: Hawk Eye Records was owned by Roy Forbes and operated first from premises in Wood Lane, London W12 and later from Craven Park Road, NW10.  Hawk Eye started life in 1976 and appears to have still been issuing records in late 1984.  Catalogue numbers were in a HE-(0)00 series, with a HD prefix for 12" singles; they reached at least HD-057, but, as can be seen from the discography below, there seem to have been no 7" singles numbered higher than HE-011.  The label came in at least three different forms. Distributed By Hawk Eye Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Dennis Brown Whip Them Jah  HAWK EYE HE 01
77 Hortense Ellis Superstar  HAWK EYE HE 02
77 Bim Shieman Ever Firm  HAWK EYE HE 003
77 Ayres J.  Pretty Looks  HAWK EYE HE 004
77 Pablo Augustus  East Of The River Nile  HAWK EYE HE 005
77 Te-Track  Let's Get Started  HAWK EYE HE 006
78 Ellis Hortense  Unexpected Places  HAWK EYE HE 007
78 Isaacs Gregory  John Public  HAWK EYE HE 008
78 McCloud Enos  By The Look  HAWK EYE HE 009
78 Immortals  Can't Keep A Good Man Down  HAWK EYE HE 010
78 Davis Ronnie  Used To Be My Girl  HAWK EYE HE 011
78 Rod (Rocky 'T') Taylor  Undying Love HAWK EYE HE 012
82 Thomas Ruddy  Key To The World HAWK EYE SHD 42
90s Ernest Wilson Truths And Rights HAWK EYE HE 097
90s Sugar Minott Good Thing Going HAWK EYE HE 098
90s Ruddy Thomas Key To The World HAWK EYE HE 099
90s Enos McLeod The Look HAWK EYE HE 100
90s Little Roy Way Down Babylon HAWK EYE HE 101
90s Little Roy Way Down In Babylon HAWK EYE HE 102
90s Bold One, The* And Revolutionaries, The Long About Now  HAWK EYE HE 103
90s Not Traced HAWK EYE HE 104
90s Not Traced HAWK EYE HE 105
90s Johnny Clarke Creation Rebel HAWK EYE HE 106
90s John Holt Don't Give Up HAWK EYE HE 107
2009 Desi Roots / Scientist Weed Fields / Burn Them HAWK EYE HE 001
2009 Desi Roots He Ain't Coming HAWK EYE HE 002
2009 Desi Roots Up Town Rebel  HAWK EYE HE 003
2009 Palm Trees Step It Out  HAWK EYE HE 004
2009 Tamlins Ting A Ling Hornscut  HAWK EYE HE 005

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