Hartington Park is in Tottenham, so presumably the person behind the label of that name was based in that area.  It was responsible for at least one single, but it's a rather odd one: the two titles are on one side, with a recording tone on the other, and there are none of the prohibitions against broadcasting and copying which are generally to be found on labels.  I'm left wondering if the record was a studio demo rather than an actual issue, but as yet I haven't managed to establish that.  As can be seen from the scans, the artist was Barry St. John - presumably the same person who had previously recorded for Decca, Columbia, Major Minor and Bradleys, and whose actual name was Elizabeth Thompson.  Tracks on the single were an original 'Oh Virginia' and a cover of Buddy Holly's 'Rave On'.  The catalogue number was R-4501 and the year of manufacture 1975. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Barry St. John Oh Virginia HARTINGTON PARK R 4501

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