Independent Reggae label: Harry J Records was formed by Harry Zephaniah Johnson Producer and founder of Harry J's Recording Studio and Harry J Records. He died at age of 68, April 3, 2013 in Savanna-La-Mar, Jamaica. Harry J was a Reggae label; part of the Trojan group.  Harry J released more than a hundred singles during the period 1969 to 1974, and scored a couple unlikely chart successes with the Harry J All Stars' 'Liquidator' (TR-675; 1969) and 'Young Gifted And Black' by Bob And Marcia (HJ-6605; 1970) early on in its existence.  Until around 1972 it concentrated on productions by Harry J himself; after that time it broadened its scope to include work by other producers.  Certain early issues appear on plain green labels, perhaps as a result of the white ones being in short supply, but the second one shown above was the standard one.  Some later singles were issued with a black and white label; most just had the name of the label in capitals, in the usual style that Trojan used for the simplified versions of its subsidiary labels, but others had the logo.  At first Harry J. singles shared Trojan's numerical series, but they were soon given a specific HJ-6600 one.  Pressing was generally done by Orlake, but the three-pronged-centre singles were made by Phonodisc. Thanks to Robert Lyons for the info. Manufactured And Distributed By Trojan Records.

70 Harry J All Stars Big Three HARRY J HJ 6601
70 Jay Boys The Dog HARRY J HJ 6602
70 Lloyd Parks Feel A Little Better HARRY J HJ 6603
70 Jamaicans Fire HARRY J HJ 6604
70 Bob & Marcia Young Gifted And Black HARRY J  HJ 6605
70 Not Traced HARRY J  HJ 6606
70 Jay Boys Jack The Ripper HARRY J HJ 6607
70 Harry J All Stars Reach For The Stars HARRY J HJ 6608
70 Jay Boys Jay Moon Walk HARRY J HJ 6609
70 Jay Boys Je T'Aime HARRY J HJ 6610
70 Andy Bob  Hang My Head And Cry  HARRY J HJ 6611
70 Andy Bob Peace Of Mine HARRY J HJ 6612
70 Griffiths Marcia Put A Little Love In Your Heart HARRY J HJ 6613
70 Cables Didn'T I HARRY J HJ 6614
70 Bob & Marcia  We Got To Get Ourselves Together  HARRY J HJ 6615
70 Cables  Salt Of The Earth  HARRY J HJ 6616
70 Jay Boys Del Gago HARRY J HJ 6617
70 Jay Boys Can'T Get Next To You HARRY J HJ 6618
70 Blake Boy  Cambodia HARRY J HJ 6619
70 Cables  Feel Allright  HARRY J HJ 6620
70 Harry J All Stars Return Of The Liquidator HARRY J HJ 6621
70 Not Traced HARRY J HJ 6622
70 Griffiths Marcia Band Of Gold HARRY J HJ 6623
70 Panton Roy  The Same Old Life  HARRY J HJ 6624
70 Lizzy & Belltones  More Heartaches  HARRY J HJ 6625
71 Andy Bob  Holy Moses  HARRY J HJ 6626
71 Not Traced HARRY J HJ 6627
71 Jayboys The Arcade Walk HARRY J HJ 6628
71 Not Traced HARRY J HJ 6629
71 Not Traced HARRY J HJ 6630
71 Not Traced HARRY J HJ 6631
71 Not Traced HARRY J HJ 6632
71 Not Traced HARRY J HJ 6633
71 Aldridge Uriel  Set Me Free  HARRY J HJ 6634
71 Not Traced HARRY J HJ 6635
71 Not Traced HARRY J HJ 6636
71 Not Traced HARRY J HJ 6637
71 Not Traced HARRY J HJ 6638
71 Not Traced HARRY J HJ 6639
72 Fabulous Five Inc  Come Back And Stay  HARRY J HJ 6640
72 Johnson Carey & Lloyd Young  Down Side Up  HARRY J HJ 6641
72 Scotty  Skank In Bed  HARRY J HJ 6642
72 Honey Boy Martin  Have You Ever Seen The Rain  HARRY J HJ 6643
72 Jay Boys  African People  HARRY J HJ 6644
72 Chang Geoffrey & All Stars  U.F.O HARRY J HJ 6645
73 Ethiopians  The Word Is Love  HARRY J HJ 6646
73 Giginri Zion 'Iah  HARRY J HJ 6647
73 White Joe  Me & Mrs. Jones  HARRY J HJ 6648
73 Simplicity People  Time Is Getting Harder  HARRY J HJ 6649
73 Zap Pow  Lottery Spin  HARRY J HJ 6650
73 Hugh Roy  Treasure Isle Skank  HARRY J HJ 6651
73 Abyssinians Yim Mas Gan  HARRY J HJ 6652
73 Ellis Alton  Deliver Us To Africa  HARRY J HJ 6653
73 Rollins Audley  What'S Your Name  HARRY J HJ 6654
73 I Roy  Musical Drum Sound  HARRY J HJ 6655
73 Big Joe  Glitter And Not Gold  HARRY J HJ 6656
73 Hinds Neville  Musical Splendour  HARRY J HJ 6657
73 Viceroys  Chucky  HARRY J HJ 6658
73 Ellis Alton  Deliver Us HARRY J HJ 6659
73 Lloydie & Lowbites  Pussy Cat  HARRY J HJ 6660
73 Jamaican Eagles  Country Living  HARRY J HJ 6661
74 Charmers Lloyd  I'M Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More  HARRY J HJ 6662
74 Ethiopians Buy You A Ring  HARRY J HJ 6663
74 Eccles Clancy  Brighter Days Will Be Coming  HARRY J HJ 6664
74 Ethiopians Splish Splash  HARRY J HJ 6665
74 Alcapone Dennis  Sorry Harry  HARRY J HJ 6666
74 Wilson Delroy  What Happened To The Youth Of Today  HARRY J HJ 6667
74 Dean Nora  Eddie My Love  HARRY J HJ 6668
74 Viceroys  Wheel And Jig  HARRY J HJ 6669
74 Skin, Flesh And Bones  Butter Fe Fish  HARRY J HJ 6670
74 Harriott Derrick  Why Do Fools Fall In Love  HARRY J HJ 6671
74 Tyrell Lloyd  Let'S Get It On  HARRY J HJ 6672
74 Cook Al  Keep Those Records Playing (Having A Party)  HARRY J HJ 6673
74 Robinson Jackie  Homely Girl  HARRY J HJ 6674
74 Harriott Derrick  Some Guys Have All The Luck  HARRY J HJ 6675
74 Andy Bob  Fire Burning  HARRY J HJ 6676
74 Parker Ken  Skanking Monkey  HARRY J HJ 6677
74 D Danny & The Shadows  Lord A Masie Masie (Hard Times) HARRY J HJ 6678
74 Lawrence Bobby  Let'S Ride On HARRY J HJ 6679
74 Groovy Winston  Please Don'T Make Me Cry  HARRY J HJ 6680
74 Isaacs Gregory  I Need Your Love  HARRY J HJ 6681
74 Big Youth & Dennis Brown  Ride On, Ride On  HARRY J HJ 6682
74 Maroons  Rock Your Baby  HARRY J HJ 6683
74 Linkers Ansel  Sitting On The Sidewalk  HARRY J HJ 6684
74 Dekker George  Drift Away  HARRY J HJ 6685
74 Baby Bertie  A Walking Miracle  HARRY J HJ 6686
74 Lorenzo Saturday Night  HARRY J HJ 6687
74 Turnel Mccormack And The Cordells  Irie Festival  HARRY J HJ 6688
74 Heavy Jeff  Black Pepper  HARRY J HJ 6689
74 Skin Flesh & Bones  Solitary Man  HARRY J HJ 6690
74 London Jimmy  Together HARRY J HJ 6691
74 Drifting Blenders  Oh Pa Pa  HARRY J HJ 6692
74 Winston & The Zion Boys  I'M Leaving It Up To You  HARRY J HJ 6693
74 Maroons  Kung Fu Fighting  HARRY J HJ 6694
74 Robinson Jackie  My Love For You  HARRY J HJ 6695
74 Dekker George  Nosey Parker  HARRY J HJ 6696
74 Derrick & Paulett  Lee'S Dream  HARRY J HJ 6697
74 Campbell Cornell  Country Boy  HARRY J HJ 6698
74 Andy Horace  Lonely Woman  HARRY J HJ 6699
74 Dimple Hinds  Why Don'T You Do Right (Oh Yeh)  HARRY J HJ 6700
74 Sambo Jim  Natty Dread  HARRY J HJ 6701
74 Love Children Lee Goofed (So Long Baby) HARRY J HJ 6702
74 Derrick & Hortense  Feel So Good HARRY J HJ 6703
74 Treasure Boy  A Message To Martha  HARRY J HJ 6704
74 Walker Bill  Take These Chains From My Heart  HARRY J HJ 6705
74 Clarke Johnnie  Move Out A Babylon  HARRY J HJ 6706
74 Not Traced HARRY J HJ 6707
74 Larryah George  Blue Moon  HARRY J HJ 6708
74 Not Traced HARRY J HJ 6709
74 Not Traced HARRY J HJ 6710
74 Not Traced HARRY J HJ 6711
74 Tidals The  How Glad I Am  HARRY J HJ 6712



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