Independent Welsh label: Harp Records was based in Resolven Wales, which is roughly five miles north-east of Neath. Harp seems to have issued a mixture of traditional Welsh material and Pop, Harp started issuing records in 1971, using three numerical series, HSP-1000 for singles, HEP-500 for EPs and HLP-100 for LPs.  The most recent numbers were HSP-1037, Trevor Morgan's 'Star Of Bethlehem', which came out in 1987, and HEP-507, 'Isn't It Amazing' by Carl James, which appeared in 1988.  The few Harp 7" records that googling currently reveals are listed below. Distributed By Harp Records. Harp Records Former Address: 2, Ynys Nedd Resolven Neath, West Glamorgan, SA11 4LR. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Not Traced HARP HSP 1001
71 The Free It's Okay HARP HSP 1002
71 Not Traced HARP HSP 1003
71 Sunshine Theatre Mountain HARP HSP 1004
71 Not Traced HARP HSP 1005
71 Not Traced HARP HSP 1006
71 Not Traced HARP HSP 1007
71 Not Traced HARP HSP 1008
72 Alec Amazing Grace HARP HSP 1009
72 Not Traced HARP HSP 1010
72 Abbey Wood Me And You And A Dog Named Boo HARP HSP 1011
73 Bobby Wayne And The Ritones Rwyn Dy Garu Dy HARP HSP 1012
73 Seatown Morning Mumbles Train HARP HSP 1013
75 Bobby Wayne Nearer My God To Thee HARP HSP 1014
75 Heatwave One Eyed Man / 9-9-9  HARP HSP 1015
75 Freshwater Spring When You're Not Around HARP HSP 1016
76 Kerry Tralee Danny Boy HARP HSP 1017
76 Bigshall Productions Stop, Look, Listen HARP HSP 1018
76 Des Rawlings A Giant (Meet The Swerve) / The Blind Boy HARP HSP 1019
76 Relay Another Time HARP HSP 1020
77 Bobby Wayne Ebb Tide  HARP HSP 1021
77 Not Traced HARP HSP 1022
78 Sounds Supreme  Grand Slam "78" HARP HSP 1023
78 Des Rawlings The Prince HARP HSP 1024
79 The Allies Plush Living HARP HSP 1025
81 Julie Richard Born To Lose / No Regrets HARP HSP 1026
81 Not Traced HARP HSP 1027
82 Lynda Jenkins Where The River Bends HARP HSP 1028
86 Peniel County Primary School  Dilwyn Dragon  HARP HSP 1029
87 Sandy Stephens Without You HARP HSP 1030
87 Trevor Morgan Star Of Bethlehem HARP HSP 1031
75 Not Traced HARP HEP 501
75 Not Traced HARP HEP 502
76 Gyrlais Male Voice Choir Y Deryn Pur HARP HEP 503
76 Not Traced HARP HEP 504
87 Alan James Honey HARP HEP 505
87 Not Traced HARP HEP 506
88 Carl James Isn'T It Amazing HARP HEP 507

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