Haron appears to have been a DIY label.  It issued two records; both of them featured Harry Bolder, which suggests that he was one of the people behind the label - probably the 'Har' of 'Haron'.  First out of the blocks was a single called 'Sunday Trip To Withernsea' b/w 'Bummy's Cart / Knees Up Mother Brown', by Harry Bolder with the Pat Collins Trio, which had a catalogue number of SRTS/FMR-005 and came out in 1977.  The 'SRTS/FMR' prefix indicates that the single was recorded by Fairview Music studios, of Hull, and that it was made through custom recording firm SRT.  The label itself was of typically plain SRT design, being mid-blue with silver printing; the words 'HARON RECORDS' were at the top of the label, in capitals, the 'Haron' being a lot bigger than the 'Records'.  The second release was a maxi-single with Harry offering 'Back O' Threepenny Stand' and '27744' on one side while Clive Hunter provided 'The Wembley Song (Glory, Glory Hull And Rovers')' on the other.  That came out in 1980 and was numbered HAR-002; its matrix number, S/80/CUS-776, shows that it too was an SRT product. Distributed By Haron Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Alison With The Kimberleys  And Then He Kissed Me / Feelings  FAIRVIEW SRTS/FMR 001
77 Not Traced FAIRVIEW SRTS/FMR 002
77 Wildwood Country  Tribute To Hull R.L.F.C.  BOULEVARD SRTS/FMR 003
77 Not Traced FAIRVIEW SRTS/FMR 004
77 Harry Bolder with the Pat Collins Trio Sunday Trip To Withernsea HARON SRTS/FMR 005
80 Harry Bolder Back O'Threepenny Stand HARON HAR  002

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