Independent label: Harbor Records. The Label Manager was John Schroeder of Black Bear and Alaska Records. It managed at least fourteen Harbor singles, that they were issued from 1979 to 1981.  Numbering was in the HBR-0s, 'Teenage Boogie', was by Rock 'n' Roll revivers the Flying Saucers. Distributed By Pinnacle and Spartan. Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Haynes Steve If This Isn'T Love HARBOR HRB 1
79 Stepp Richard Holiday In Hollywood HARBOR HRB 2
79 Hooker Lady Lady HARBOR HRB 3
79 Jupiter Love'S Theme HARBOR HRB 4
79 Zingo Oh No I'M In Love Again HARBOR HRB 5
79 Littman Julin Give A Little HARBOR HRB 6
80 Haynes Steve Picture Puzzle HARBOR HRB 7
80 Teaser First Date HARBOR HRB 8
80 Jupiter 4 Pepperbox HARBOR HRB 9
80 Littman Julian Young Explorers HARBOR HRB 10
80 Cruisers Get A Job HARBOR HRB 11
81 Flying Saucers Teenage Boogie HARBOR HRB 12
81 Vic & Crol'S Crazy Circus These Boots Are Made For Walking HARBOR HRB 13
81 Force Major Put It In Your Pipe HARBOR HRB 14

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