Independent label: Happy Time Records was a DIY label. A label which dealt in records for children.  There had been a Happy Time children's label in America in the late '50s and in the '60s, but there is no obvious link between that one and this one.  The American label was a division of the Pickwick International Company, whereas the 1970s British version of Happy Time was owned by Damont Records, of Hayes.  Catalogue numbers suggest that it issued at least a dozen EPs. Much of the material on them was sourced from David Leonard Miller's 'Damil' company, an American firm specializing in budget records.  The same material can apparently be found in various combinations on a series of LPs on the 'Happy House' label, dating from around 1976; those record again came through Damont.  Catalogue numbers were in the HT-0s, and the artists involved remained anonymous.  The EPs, which came in colured picture sleeves and were all issued in 1975, sold in shops such as Woolworths for the princely sum of 19 pence.  The label was yellow with mid-blue printing; Pressing seems to have been by Pye - the records have Pye-style matrix numbers in the run-off.. Distributed By Happy Time Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 No Artist Listed Nursery Rhymes Vol 1 HAPPY TIME HT 1
75 No Artist Listed Bedtime Stories Volume1 HAPPY TIME HT 2
75 No Artist Listed Nursery Rhymes Vol2 HAPPY TIME HT 3
75 No Artist Listed Bedtime Stories Volume 2 HAPPY TIME HT 4
75 No Artist Listed The Wombling Song HAPPY TIME HT 5
75 No Artist Listed Happy Birthday Party Songs HAPPY TIME HT 6
75 No Artist Listed Fun On A Rainy Day HAPPY TIME HT 7
75 No Artist Listed Western Campfires HAPPY TIME HT 8
75 No Artist Listed Animal Songs HAPPY TIME HT 9
75 No Artist Listed Children's TV Favourites HAPPY TIME HT 10
75 No Artist Listed Rupert The Bear And Others HAPPY TIME HT 11
75 No Artist Listed Music From Thunderbirds And Dr. Who HAPPY TIME HT 12

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