Happy Hippy Records was a DIY label. It appears to have issued just the one record, but as can be seen from the scans it comes in two different versions.  One is credited to Glooscap and (if the details on its labels are correct) features two renditions of 'Like Gloo' plus 'Meanwhile Back In Reality'; the other is credited to Gloo's Cap and features 'Gloo's Lullaby' on the 'A' side, with the same tracks on the 'B' as the other version.  The catalogue number of both types was the same, GL-001. All three tracks feature one man singing and playing an acoustic guitar.  And the nature and rarity of this single suggest that it was very probably a custom pressing.  Manufacture was by Phonodisc. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Glooscap  Like Gloo HAPPY HAPPY GL 001

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