Independent label: Happy Face Records operated from the same address as Birds Nest Records. The Old Smithy, Post Office Lane, Kempsey, Worcestershire - so it is reasonable to suppose that there was a fairly close relationship between them.  More than forty records, in various musical styles, appeared on Happy Face; their content, and the fact that they are so rarely met with, suggests that the company was one of those which specialized in custom recording - making records for people who paid it to do so.  Dates of operation seem to have been from 1977 to 1983.  Singles and EPs were numbered in an MM-100 series from at least 115 onwards.  Some EPs had 'MUFF' prefixes and a simpler design: in addition to the example shown. Brian Sharp's 'Don't Leave Me This Way' was MUFF-7, while 'Can't Halp Falling In Love' by Garry Tate was MUFF-112.  Sadly they were undated, but it seems reasonable to propose that the MUFFs were earlier than the MMs and that the numbering jumped from MUFF-9 to MUFF-110, with MUFF being replaced by MM at some point after MM-112 (in 1979).  LPs were numbered in the MFLP-1000s or the MMLP-1000s.  It is possible that albums, singles and EPs shared a numerical series, or the last two numbers of it anyway, with - for example - album MMLP-1022 bring followed by single MM-123.  That theory would fill in some of the gaps in the 7" catalogue; though there are too few Happy Face records listed for it to be proved.   In the early 1980s some Happy Face singles were handled by Pinnacle.  Some example shown  would appear to have been dinked by its buyer, for juke-box purposes.  Logically enough, later designs (in 1983) had a 'happy face' logo on them. Distributed By Pinnacle Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Ian Lockyer The Good, The Bad And The Ugly HAPPY FACE MUFF 1 / 2
77 April Day What A Difference A Day Makes HAPPY FACE MUFF 3 / 4
77 Not Issued HAPPY FACE MUFF 5
77 Clipper Sky High HAPPY FACE MUFF 6
77 Sharp Brian  Don'T Leave Me This Way HAPPY FACE MUFF 7
77 Richard Davis That's Where The Music Takes Me HAPPY FACE MUFF 9
77 Martin Keith  I Recall A Gipsy Woman HAPPY FACE MUFF 9
78 Chase High School Band Chase High School Band 1978 EP HAPPY FACE MM 110
77 Michael Conradd Duo Austin Brothers Circus Ep HAPPY FACE MM 111
77 Gerry Tate  Can'T Help Falling In Love HAPPY FACE MM 112
77 Toni Morrell Toni Morrell EP HAPPY FACE MM 113
77 Tony Arneldo Love Is A Many Splendored Thing HAPPY FACE MM 114
78 Dangerous Girls Dangerous Girls HAPPY FACE MM 115
79 Dangerous Girls Taaga [ Ep ] HAPPY FACE MM 116
79 Not Traced HAPPY FACE MM 117
80 Safety In Numbers Jump Up And Down HAPPY FACE MM 118
80 Not Traced HAPPY FACE MM 119
80 Diamond Head Shoot Out The Light HAPPY FACE MMDH 120
80 Wonderful Wolves Wonderful Wolves First Half HAPPY FACE MM 121
80 Sharp Steve & Cleancuts We Are The Mods HAPPY FACE MM 122
80 Rotation Ice Cold Eyes HAPPY FACE MM 123
80 Cryer Single HAPPY FACE MM 124
80 Ray Ritchie  Ole Leroy / American Trilogy  HAPPY FACE MM 125
80 Charlton Folk Dreams Skye Boat Song HAPPY FACE MM 126
80 Not Traced HAPPY FACE MM 127
80 Not Traced HAPPY FACE MM 128
80 Not Traced HAPPY FACE MM 129
80 Zoom Club I Can't Compete HAPPY FACE MM 130
80 Not Traced HAPPY FACE MM 131
81 Mcinnes Alyson  Jump Shout Boogie HAPPY FACE MM 132
81 Shiloh Back 40 Rip Off HAPPY FACE MM 133
81 Not Traced HAPPY FACE MM 134
81 Not Traced HAPPY FACE MM 135
81 John Bryan And Alyson McInnes I'd Like To Spend The Night HAPPY FACE MM 136
81 Cissy Stone Ambitious HAPPY FACE MM 137
81 Boone & Murfin Wyvern HAPPY FACE MM 138
81 The Saracens Featuring Graham Powell Christmas Time HAPPY FACE MM 139
81 Not Traced HAPPY FACE MM 140
81 Saracens A Good Thing Never Dies HAPPY FACE MM 141
82 Briar Rainbow HAPPY FACE MM 142
82 Friends Jump Shout Boogie HAPPY FACE MM 143
83 John's Friends John's Song HAPPY FACE MM 144

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