Independent label: Hammer Records was a member of the Pye family, Hammer seems to have a dual personality: it divided its efforts between new pop records, in a HS-300 series, and reissues of old Rock 'n' Roll (in EP format), numbered in the HB-600s.  Only about a dozen of each appear to have been released.  The EPs played at 33 1/3rpm; they featured six tracks, which gave the series its name, 'The Big Six'.  Hammer's period of operation was 1979 to 1980.  There was a short-lived (one-off?) subsidiary, Octane, which shared the HS-300 numbering; a second subsidiary, Popular, also shared that series, but it doesn't appear to have issued any records in the '70s.  A third subsidiary, Scratch, issued several singles using a HS-400 series, but that likewise didn't start until 1980. Jo Jo Laine was born Joanne LaPatrie, in Danvers, Massachusetts, on July 13, 1952 and diedin  London, October 29, 2006, was an American singer, model and actress who married Moody Blues founder Denny Laine while he was a member of Paul McCartney's group Wings. Originally a groupie who had affairs with Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and many other artists, she had a lengthy relationship with Rod Stewart just before her meeting Laine. Stewart is said to have written the hit song "You Wear It Well" for her. Jo Jo Laine died at St George's Hospital, Tooting, London, at age 54 after a fall at her former home Yew Corner, in Laleham, Surrey. Distributed By Pye Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Mumps Rock And Roll This And That HAMMER HS 301
79 Yancey Standing Waiting OCTANE / HAMMER HS 302
79 Kitten Dreamboy POPLAR / HAMMER HS 303
80 Stevely Makepeace  Song Of Yesterday HAMMER HS 304
80 Jo-Jo Laine  Dancin' Man POPLAR / HAMMER HS 305
80 Not Issued HAMMER HS 306
80 Symbols Don't Ever Change HAMMER HS 307
80 Danny Owen  Kiss An Angle Goodbye HAMMER HS 308
80 B C & Black Satin Do You Wanna Dance HAMMER HS 309
80 Alleygators Nicotine HAMMER HS 310
80 Tymes Brothers And Sisters HAMMER HS 311
80 Love Typhoon Rhythm Of The Rain HAMMER HS 312
80 Bill Fredericks  Lovers Question TIME RECORDS U.S.A. INTERNATIONAL HSV 313
79 Platers The Big Six HAMMER HB 601
79 Bobby Vee  The Big Six HAMMER HB 602
79 Fats Domino  The Big Six HAMMER HB 603
79 Chuck Berry  The Big Six HAMMER HB 604
79 Johnny And The Hurricanes The Big Six HAMMER HB 605
79 Johnny Cash  The Big Six HAMMER HB 606
79 Lewis Jerry Lee The Big Six HAMMER HB 607
79 Lloyd Price  The Big Six HAMMER HB 608
79 Fats Domino  The Big Six Volume Two HAMMER HB 609
79 Chuck Berry  The Big Six Volume Two HAMMER HB 610

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