Independent Reggae label: Ham Records was one of several owned by Harry A. Mudie; see also Moodisc.  Ham Records seems to have been primarily a Jamaican concern, as the address on the label indicates, but it released several singles over here during 1974-75 - British issues have small spindle-holes. The Dennis Walks single shown hasn't got a catalogue number; other issues were numbered in the HM-8200s.  Catalogue numbers got at least as high as HM-8233, but the series was shared with Moodisc.  It is possible that some HM-8200s were only issued in Jamaica. Distributed By Moodisc Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Dennis Walks Margaret HAM HM 1055
74 Dennis Walks Margaret HAM HM 1055
74 Maria Mudie / Mudie's All Star Game Of Love / Strictly Adult Rockers HAM HM 8056
74 Big Joe And The Rhythm Ruler Drifter's On The Ball HAM HM 8208
74 Dennis Walks / Mudie's All Star Margaret / Strings Version  HAM HM 8217
74 M.B.V., The* & Mudie's All Stars Theme From The Gun Court HAM HM 8218
74 Bongo Herman & Mudies All Stars Car Pound Drifter HAM HM 8220
74 Lennie Hibbert / Mudies All Stars Magarets Dream / Dept. Charge  HAM HM 8233
74 MBV, The* & Mudie's All Stars Lorna's Dance HAM HM 8236
74 Lennie Hibbert, Mudies All Stars Stick It Up HAM HM 8238
75 Dennis Walks / Mudies All Stars Misty / Mitsy Dub HAM HM 8242
75 Owen Gray Don't Play Your Rock "N" Roll To Me HAM HM 8245
75 Big Joe Set Your Face At Ease HAM HM 8246
75 Gladstone Anderson The Elected One HAM HM 8250
75 Honey Boy Darling Come Home HAM HM 8252

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