Independent Welsh label: Gwerin Records doesn't seem to have made much of an impact on the music scene.  It did however leave behind three very collectable Folk / Psych albums by a band called Pererin.  As might be expected, its output seems to have been mainly Welsh Folk and Popular music, as exampled by the Audrey Squires single shown above, 'Hills And Vales Of Wales' (SYWS-229; 1981).   Gwerin appears to have operated from 1975 to at least 1983, but the lack of evidence makes an accurate dating impossible at the moment.  Singles and albums shared the same basic SYW-200 numbering; I'm not sure if the suffixed 'S' on the Audrey Squires single stands for 'Single' or 'Stereo' - at least one Gwerin LP had an SYWM prefix, presumably indicating a mono recording.  I have yet to confirm the existence of any 1970s 7" issues, but lots of numbers are as yet unaccounted for, so there may well be one or two out there.  My pocket Welsh dictionary claims that 'Gwerin' means 'ordinary folk', or 'populace'.  Make of that what you will. . Distributed By Gwerin Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Janice Davies Rees Darlun Fy Mam (Album) GWERIN  SYW 201
76 Adar Tydfor Noson Lawen Yng Nghwmni Adar Tydfor (Album) GWERIN  SYW 202
76 Berwyn Davies Enillydd Rhuban Glas Eisteddfod Y Dathlu (Album)     GWERIN  SYW 203
76 Cor Pensiynwyr Sgiwen Cor Pensiynwyr Sgiwen (Album) GWERIN  SYW 204
76 Aros Mae Y Caneuon (Album) GWERIN  SYWD 205
76 Carraig Aonair Carraig Aonair (Album) GWERIN  SYWSM 206
76 English Cantorion Cantorion Ingli (Album) GWERIN  SYWD 207
76 Seindorf Olwen Dwy Olwyn / Yr Aelwyd Roc A Rol  GWERIN  SYWS 208
78 Various Artists Welsh Singers Cymanfa Ganu-Festival Of Song (Album) GWERIN  SYWS 209
78 Various Artists Cymanfa Ganu (Album) GWERIN  SYWS 210
78 Not Traced GWERIN  SYWS 211
79 Eirlys Parri Cn Y Gobaith (Album) GWERIN  SYWM 212
79 Olwen Stori A Ch  (Album)   GWERIN  SYWS 213
79 Trefor Edwards And Cwlwm Cain  (Album)   GWERIN  SYWD 214
79 Pererin Haul Ar Yr Eira (Album) GWERIN  SYWM 215
79 Y Diliau Tan Neu Haf (Album) GWERIN  SYWM 216
81 Cor Glandulais Cor Glandulais Yn Canu Gemau'r Diwygiad (Album) GWERIN  SYW 217
81 Cassidy Bros. & Johnny Keenan Cliffs Of Moher (Album) GWERIN  SYWM 218
81 Not Traced GWERIN  SYWS 219
80 Jp Genod Oer (Album) GWERIN  SYWM 220
80 Fiona [Bennett] Ti A Mi GWERIN  SYWE 221
80 Adar Tydfor Orig Arall Yng Nghwmni (Album) GWERIN  SYWH 222
81 Artistiaid Amrywiol  Canu'r Cwlwm (Album) GWERIN  SYWS 223
80 Janice Davies Rees Cloch Y Llan (Album) GWERIN  SYWD 224
80 Pererin Haul Ar Yr Eira (Album) GWERIN  SYW 225
81 Yr Efeilliaid Yr Efeilliaid GWERIN  SYW 226
81 Not Traced GWERIN  SYWS 227
81 Alun Tegryn Davies Canrif O Ganu (Album) GWERIN  SYWD 228
81 Audrey Squires Hills And Vales Of Wales GWERIN  SYWS 229
81 Pererin Teithgan (Album) GWERIN  SYWM 230
81 Dim Byd Eto Dim Byd Eto (Album) GWERIN  SYW 231
81 Not Traced GWERIN  SYWS 232
82 Fiona Bennett Fiona (Album) GWERIN  SYW 233
82 Eirlys Dwyryd & Myron Lloyd Gwaraidd Gerddi (Album) GWERIN  SYW 234
82 Arfon Wyn to Chyfeillion Pwy Wnaeth and Ser Uwchben (Album) GWERIN  SYWD 235
82 Cor Pensiynwyr Sgiwen Cor Pensiynwyr Sgiwen (Album) GWERIN  SYWM 236
83 Carraig Aonair Carraig Aonair 2 GWERIN  SYWM 237
83 Caryl A'R Band Ladi Wen (Album) GWERIN  SYWS 238
83 Elin Ac Eleri  Estyn Dy Law (Album) GWERIN  SYWD 239
83 Gwyl Mabsant Gwerin Cymreig  "Welsh Folk". (Album) GWERIN  SYW 240
83 Dwy A Dime  Dwy A Dime (Album)   GWERIN  SYWS 241
83 Pererin Tirion Dir (Album) GWERIN  SYWS 242
84 Pererin Rho Dy Law Yn Fy Llaw GWERIN  SYWS 243
84 Lee Jones Dychweliad And Crwydryn (Album) GWERIN  SYW 244
84 Arfon Wyn to Chyfeillion Dewch I'r Wledd (Album) GWERIN  SYW 245
85 Not Traced GWERIN  SYW 246
86 Robert Rees Can I BAWB (A Song For Everyone) (Album) GWERIN  SYW 247
86 Mabsant Chware Chwyldro (Album) GWERIN  SYW 248



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